Villa Cagney

Villa Cagney

The second-largest villa on the property, and was named after Khun Yaa’s favorite Hollywood actor, James Cagney (and also the nickname of our father, Khun Cagney-Wattanasak). This villa features two 183 sqm. 2-bedroom suites, with a jacuzzi each on their terrace. One unit, Canary Suite, is on the first floor and the other one, Dandy Suite, is on the upper floor.

This villa is located next to Villa Taweevadh, and was formerly our parent’s house while. The idea of this villa originated from Khun Yaa who wanted to expand more space for the family of her only son, Khun Cag, to enjoy the beach house during our school breaks.

Villa Cagney
Floor Plan
Room Size
183 sqm.
Bed Rooms
"One King Bed, Two Twin Beds, and optional Extra Bed"
Max Adults
"5 Adults or 4 Adults and 2 Children under 12 yrs. "
Sea View

Building Zone

Beachfront, overlooking garden


  • 2 Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms 2 Bathrooms
  • Pantry Pantry
  • Living Room Living Room
  • Coffee Maker Machine Coffee Maker Machine
  • Wifi Wifi
  • Smart TV Smart TV
  • Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
  • Electric Safe Electric Safe
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Private Balcony Private Balcony

Villa Cagney is situated in between the grass courtyard by Villa Taweevadh and the main swimming pool, with a panoramic Khao Tao sea-view and a little garden in front of the villa leading to the beach access.

Key features of Villa Cagney is the space of the Dandy Suite on the upper floor which features a more than generous master bedroom, adjacent to a luxurious living room and pantry, and a private jacuzzi on the sea-view balcony. The main bathroom offers a preference for a traditionally Thai semi-outdoor shower, or a spacious indoor bathtub. This unit was labelled as a character of Khun Cag during his 30s-50s as a dandy, and also a memory of a movie, Yankee Doodle Dandy, that James Cagney performed in 1942.

The first floor Canary Suite, with the same layout as the second floor, on the other hand was named after the interior color tone of yellow that is a favorite of Khun Cag’s; derived from a little small bird named Yellow Canary.