CHARRAS BHAWAN was named after our grandmother, Khun Yaa Charras Sanidvongs Na Ayudhaya, in remembrance of her dedication to our family and Khao Tao’s community.

2022 is a landmark year for our family, as it marks 100 years since our grandmother built this sea-side family home. The special occasion has rekindled our memories of when we were younger and how our family spent many generations of joyful summers in this house.

Since some of our most precious childhood memories were created here in Khao Tao with Khun Yaa and our parents, reminiscing brought back many smiles that we would like to pass forward to other families as they stay with us here at Charras Bhawan.

We always spent our long weekends and summer breaks here in Khao Tao as we were growing up -staying at Villa Cagney to be exact- spending all day by the beach, enjoying our favorite home-cooked meals from waking up, until late-night snacks before bedtime. But above all the real joy was just simply being together, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Khao Tao. We kept counting the days until we could come back again, and we hope guests feel the same yearning to come back after they’ve checked out.

Our own nostalgia in this little memorable moment inspired the three of us to bring this sea-side house back to life after our grandmother passed away, to keep our memories in Khao Tao alive, and the chance for other families to create unforgettable memories of their own here

We spent two years developing the land and renovating all the original houses by gathering all the things passed down from Khun Yaa Charras, and perfecting every tiny details to carry what we want to portray. After past years of restoring and re-inventing, we are ready to invite you to spend your next vacation by the beach at our humble home.

Enjoy and cherish ‘being together’ with your family and loved ones.

We wish you a warm and joyful time amidst these beautiful surroundings at CHARRAS BHAWAN along the beachfront of Khao Tao, Hua-Hin.

Jah, Jong, Jill (3rd Generation)

Written at Villa Taweevadh, Khao Tao

Charras Bhawan